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January 1, 2013 / Matt Wilkinson

365 Project 2012

1/365 01/01/1296/365 05/04/122/365 02/01/123/365 03/01/124/365 04/01/20125/365 05/01/12
6/365 06/01/127/365 07/01/1208/365 08/01/1209/365 09/01/1210/365 10/01/1211/365 11/01/12
12/365 12/01/1214/365 14/01/1214/365 14/01/1215/365 15/01/1216/365 16/01/1217/365 17/01/12
18/365 18/01/1219/365 19/01/1220/365 20/01/1221/365 21/01/1222/365 22/01/1223/365 23/01/12

365, a set on Flickr.

The new year means my 365 project is over, and in all honesty it was a tough one, aside from the physical effort to capture an image worth posting, the challenges that life outside photography can bring is the biggest hurdle.
Losing a loved one is the biggest strain of all, I did the best I could but it really was hard to motivate myself to take photographs for a while.
But I carried on, and although I didn’t manage a photograph a day, I did learn more about the subject and myself as a photographer, and that was the initial intention, so in that respect, it’s been a winner.
Learning more about a subject you are passionate about is rewarding and I’ve pushed myself into different genres and situations to get images that are worth sharing. And a big thanks to all those that have helped… for their patience, motivation and love, you know who you are…
And I’m going to keep going, I don’t think I care if I don’t get an image a day… I’ve learnt that isn’t the important thing about a project like this.
Peace, love and f5.6…


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  1. Matt Bridge-Wilkinson / Jan 7 2013 10:23 pm

    I only ever restricted myself to a 90 day project, I have huge respect for anyone who can endure the whole 365. Keeping inspired and finding things to shoot gets so challenging. Nice work, oh and nice name too 😉

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